7 Fitness Tips for Busy Parents

Parenting is exhausting. You spend your whole day thinking about activities to do with kids and worrying about the kids. The whole day activities with kids make you too tired that sadly, you do not think about doing a good work out.

Do not be of those parents who are so occupied and gets too tired that they skip out the work out from their routine.  Do not accept excuses and take the help form below mentioned tips to fit the workout in your daily activities.

1. Do workout as the First thing in the morning
If it is difficult for you to include the workout in your daily routine, then you should sleep after being ready to work out in the morning. Try to sleep in the clothes that you have for a workout so that you should be ready for a workout in the morning before the little one is fully awake. Ask for help from your partner to help you out with the kid when you are working out, or to get the kids ready for school in the morning. Get the workout in the morning as the first thing; it will make you a little less stress throughout the day.

2. Go outside of the Home
If you want to make your workout easier for you, then don’t spend the whole day watching the TV. Instead of sitting with your baby and watching shows, try to spend minimum four to five hours of the day outside the house. If you are out for shopping after that go for some walk or try to run with your kid in the park.

3. Play with your Kids

Among the best way of working out is to have fun with the kids. By playing with kids in their favorite games, you will spend a lot of time running around. However, this may not be one of the best workouts, but it certainly is good for spending some of the time in doing the focused activity.

4. Schedule and Plan
You can easily work out in the moments when your child is sleeping, or other babies have gone to school. Prepare your workout plans beforehand so that you should not waste the available time. Also, keep the weights handy and make the atmosphere ready for a workout. Organize the whole day and schedule the workouts and be prepared for the workout in time.

5. Divide your workout into smaller portions
Making room for an hour long exercise in the calendar of a busy parent is a difficult task, Make a realistic plan and perform those workouts that can be carried out for 20- 30 minutes. Do count them. Try to do exercises that are high intensity, and they combine cardio and builds the muscles to get the result more quickly.

6. Add your children to exercise as weights
While exercising, make it fun by making your children the weight in the double stroller exercise. Try to do the fun exercises where you can use your child as weight, and it will keep them also engaged and entertained. Carrying your baby for one hour or hiking with your baby on your back is an awesome exercise plan.

7. Your Exercise should be a priority
Be a little selfish with your workouts and sometimes, let the kids sit in front of their favorite cartoon so that you can do the workout for 20 minutes to stay healthy.

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