Are You Washing Your Hairs Correctly?

Shampoos and conditioners are the only products you use mostly with your hairs, but how to get to know about the product you are using that it is the most appropriate for your hair or not? Other than going to choose for the best suitable shampoo for your hair there is also a debate about how often you should wash your hair?

According to most of the skin specialists and stylists, it totally depends on your hair type and type of scalp skin you have. If you have a flaky scalp, then it is recommended for you to wash your hair every second day as the dead cells of the scalp may produce scalp oils which make hairs looking like oily all the time. In contrast to it, if you have dry hairs it is recommended not to wash your hairs more than twice a week.

Some tips for washing colored hairs:

Colored hairs are weaker and get easily damaged so take special precautionary measures to choose for the shampoo and conditioner. Colored hairs get dried easily as they trap the excess amount of moisture present in them that’s why most of the people with colored hairs use products that have ingredients that also do moisturize their hairs, for example, silicon. But the problem with silicon is that it easily makes a film over colored hair to make it look like somewhat color washed. Similarly, shampoos containing acetic acid easily fades color so when selecting shampoo for colored hairs do consider some gentle sulphate-free shampoo to avoid all such side effects.

Altering shampoos after some time:

Changing shampoo after some period of time is a general practice, and it is done because of the idea behind it that hairs get used to the same shampoo after some time and doesn’t give the wanted results as before. In actual, that’s not the case, and it is just a myth. This doesn’t happen but even then if you want to, then change your shampoo seasonally as different seasons have different effects on our hairs.

Does the amount of shampoo foam have any effect on its cleansing property?

If talking in technical terms, then no shampoo should form a lathering foam because some of the ingredients present in the shampoo are leather alternatives. That means they don’t form a lathering foam but due to the general expectation of all the people using shampoo experts do extra research on quality lather foam beside cleansing process. If people don’t get lather foam, they disregard the shampoo so for that purpose research is done on quality lather foam.

Most of the people complain about getting straight hairs after applying conditioner, so what could be the solution?

Most conditioners result in straight hairs that some people don’t like and that’s why they want a solution for their problem. The solution could be reverse washing. Reverse washing entails applying conditioner before shampoo which could help to solve the problem.

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