Is Stress The Reason Behind Your Aging?

Chronic stress while unbearable to live with on its own brings in a number of other adverse effects on your health, from having sleepless nights to gaining weight to an increased risk for heart disease. We have all heard the age old saying that stressing gives you wrinkles, so you need to stop worrying a lot. But does this have any scientific backup or is it just a myth? Well, although we don’t exactly know why it does it, science does back up the fact that stressing does, in fact, acts as an accelerator of your aging process.

Here is the deal, when we are going through something that puts stress on our mind, as a reaction our body releases stress chemicals and these are what contribute to the biological changes that come with stress.

To help explain how true this is we will be listing and discussing five ways in which stress is contributing to your aging.

Work Exhaustion Causes Cell Damage, and Aging:

According to a 2012 study job stress has harmful effects on critical DNA. Telomeres are a section of DNA, and the shorter they are, the more damaged the cell is, and the researchers found out that people with work-related stress had shorter telomeres. Telomere shortening has been linked to Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, many cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer as well.

Anticipation of Stress is also a Sign of Trouble:

A San Francisco based research found that even the anticipation of stress contributes to aging and all age-related disorders. In this research 50 women were gathered who were known to deal with stress daily. They were told that they would have to engage in anxiety-inducing activities like solving math problems or public speaking. It was found that women who found the anticipation of being most stressful were the ones that showed the greatest signs of aging at cellular level.

Stress even Ages Your Brain:

What might be one of the most dangerous implications of stress is that stress contributes to Alzheimer’s disease as well, research shows that this is also the reason why women’s brain age earlier than men’s because they take more stress than them.

Stress can cause Bad Vision and Hearing:

In addition to all the other diseases that stress contributes to, the stress hormone adrenaline can cause temporary vision and hearing loss. This is because, with the continuous production of this hormone, blood vessels get constricted, which leads to hearing and vision loss. This is not permanent, but it definitely affects our long term behaviors.

Stress Leads to An Unhealthy Lifestyle:

Other than all the biological changes stress does other kinds of damages as well. It programs your brain so that your start caring lesser and lesser about yourself and fall into a pit of unhealthy diet and no exercise. These things within time start showing up on your body. As far as aging is concerned it is a fact that to remain more youthful you have to have a healthy lifestyle; thus this stressful, unhealthy lifestyle lead accelerates aging.


Therefore stress has adverse effects on you, some of which directly age you and others in directly help and speed up the aging process.


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